Ogre3D Recast AI Integration

Personal Project

OgreRecast is a demonstration of a way that you can integrate Ogre3D’s geometry with the Recast / Detour navigation library. It is based heavily on the original Recast Demo framework, aswell as a number of pieces of code from the Ogitor project, and some of the Ogre’s own samples. The project also contains code written byMat Buckland and Steve Rabin in the form of parts of the AI pathing demo’s code.

At the moment, OgreRecast is only available as a Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project, though the code itself will run on Direct3D or OpenGL quite happily. It should be able to be used on non-windows platforms with very minor changes if any at all.

OgreRecast is being developed using Ogre3D 1.8 Byatis (unstable) Graphics Rendering Library, CEGUI 0.7.1 GUI Rendering Library and Recast / Detour Navigation Libraries version 1.4 r164. These very easy to use libraries can be found at the following internet addresses :

Ogre3D Rendering Library


Crazy Eddie’s CEGUI GUI System Library


Recast / Detour Navigation Library


To build and use the code from this repository you will need a copy of the above libraries, built and compiled against each other in the case of Ogre and CEGUI.

Programming, AI